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Pop Ring File A4S 22mm Yellow
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● It can be opened with a light force with a single touch, and with the one-ring opening and closing binding tool that can close the upper ring at the same time when closing the lower ring is adopted. Ecology specifications that can be easily separated and discarded. ● 2 holes. ● binding hole spacing / 80mm pitch. ● Number of sheets / about 150 sheets.

Size: A4-S 
Ring inner diameter: 22 
Suitable capacity: 150 sheets 
External dimensions (height · width · back width): 307 · 240 · 31 
● Recycled material compounding ratio / cover: Expanded R-PP 50% 
● Number of holes / 2 Hole 
● Binding hole spacing / 80 mm pitch 
● Cover / foam R-PP 
● Replacement paper type 
● Oval ring
* The number of sheets accommodated in the file is calculated using 10 sheets per 1mm of storage size using PPC paper 64g/m2. 
Therefore, depending on the type of paper, it may not always be as calculated, so please use it as a rough standard.


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© 2015 Papaya SG