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Uni Jetstream Edge 0.28mm Ballpen

Uni Jetstream Edge has the world’s thinnest nib 0.28mm in the oil-based ballpoint pen category in the Jetstream series. Jetstream ink is extremely smooth and ultra-quick drying and new Jetstream Edge has the World’s first ultra-fine ball diameter of 0.28mm and newly developed “point chip” with an easy-to-read writing surface.
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Seven Seas Crossfield Note A5

Seven Seas Crossfield notebook make with Tomoe River paper which preferred by fountain pen lover because it is thin and light. Size : A5, 384 pages, 7mm grid with absorbent paper.
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Blen 3c Ball Pen

The “Blen 3C” released this time is a 3-color ballpoint pen equipped with the “Blen system”. The conventional three-color ballpoint pen has the drawback that the vibration during writing is greater due to its complicated structure. “Blen 3C” has the convenience of being able to use three colors with one while controlling the vibration during writing to achieve a stress-free writing comfort.
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