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Novita Post Card Holder S-Type 60 Pocket Transparent


●Compact Postcard size. ● Since the width of the back changes according to the amount of postcards whose width changes, compact postcards can be accommodated anytime! We will not make useless space!
● Cover is perfectly fit! Even if we receive less post cards, the back width is not bulky, so we will not make useless space! It can be stored compactly from the beginning! Even when there are a lot of postcards or when they are fewer, they are refreshed anytime!
● Beautiful clear color! We prepare popular blue · pink · transparent in the clear book as standard color, yellow and light green as the limited color

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Size: A6-S 
External dimensions (height · width · back width): 157 · 141 · 9.5 to 45 ※ 
Number of mounts: 60 cards 
Capacity: 60 cards ( max.120 cards) 
● Cover / R-PP pocket / PP 
● Cover / R-PP 
● Pocket / Vertical Inserter 
● Dimensions in Pocket / Vertical 150 × Horizontal 105 
● Numbers in parentheses in () are the numbers when two pieces are put in one pocket.


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